Mission & Vision

About Hill Library

The Hill Library is located at 1151 Parker Mountain Road, and our entrance is just past the intersection of Roller Coaster Road and Route 202A, at the entrance to the NH National Guard Training Site.  The Strafford Town Library began as a collection of books that was created with a $25 town appropriation and $100 from the state in 1893.  Over the years, the Library’s collection grew and was scattered in private homes (usually the librarian’s home), some public buildings and, finally, in 1965 brought together and housed at Austin Hall (built in 1833), part of the Austin-Cate Academy. In the 1970’s, recognizing the need for a permanent home for a public library, the Hill family, led by Bernice Hill, donated $10,000 and a plot of land for a new library, which was named in her honor on July 16, 1973. The library was expanded in 1989 with another donation from Bernice Hill, and was then doubled in size in 1999 with a generous donation from Herb Cilley.  Mr. Cilley was a self-taught ornithologist who became known as the “Loon Ranger” for his dedicated and pioneering work in the protection and rehabilitation of loons on Strafford’s Bow Lake and elsewhere in New England.  Herb’s outstanding ornithology collection and scientific materials, are available for public reference at the Hill Library to this day and the room named in his honor is our busy public meeting room.

The Library has grown from 130 volumes in 1893 to over 12,000 items today!   We offer our patrons, young and old, a wide selection of books, periodicals, multimedia, a rich collection of local history and even a telescope for circulation.  We have five high end public access computers, in a networked environment offering high speed Internet connectivity and access to scanners, faxes and printers.  The Cilley Meeting Room is a busy meeting place where the entire community comes together for diverse programming and presentations. Our Library is led by dedicated staff of five and a Board of three elected trustees. And, all Library services are free to Strafford tax payers.

Our Mission

The mission of the Hill Library is to grow and develop with the Strafford community to meet the people’s cultural, educational, recreational and informational needs in a welcoming setting that supports lifelong learning. The library maintains several roles: a community access point for information and knowledge, a children’s door to learning, a popular culture center and meeting place.