Museum Program

museumStrafford Library Association (SLA) is the proud sponsor of Hill Library’s Museum Program.  The Program provides an opportunity for Strafford residents to experience all the great New England museums.
Through this Program, the SLA will reimburse admission charges to any museum in New England at a rate of $35 per family (not to exceed the admission fees), with one reimbursement per family per year.
To qualify, you must be a current library card holder with no overdue items or unpaid fines on your card. To receive reimbursement, qualifying patrons must submit a request form with receipt from your visit showing the full cost, the number of attendees, and the date.  Request forms are available for download or can be picked up at Hill Library.

The following is a list of some of the amazing museums in New England. For other New England museum listings, visit the regional tourism website Visit New England.  Also, visit Historic New England for information about historic houses open for tours throughout New England.
Here are a few examples to consider exploring.  For up to date information click on the Museum to be taken to their home page.

New Hampshire




Rhode Island