Adding annual Expiration Dates

We are adding annual expiration dates to all of our patrons’ accounts. Please come in or call and update your current information so we have the right details. You are not losing your library card, we just want to make sure we have your current information. Thank you!

Information that we are needing to be current are phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and mailing address if different from resident address.

Please feel free to call or come visit us if you have any questions at (603)664-2800!

Storytime Time Changed

Storytime will be on Monday mornings for the months of May and June. It will begin at 10:30 am based on feedback from parents. Why not try it out? Some themes will be: Spring, ducks, flowers, gardening, and bunnies. Bring your preschoolers in for some age-appropriate activities, great books, and special projects.

If you have any other feedback on different times or days for Storytime, please let us know by emailing us at We will take any suggestions in consideration for the Fall.


Spring Greens and Smoothies: May 30, 6-7:30 pm.

Join us on Tuesday, May 30 from 6-7:30 pm. Spring Greens and Smoothies: Not all smoothies are created equal! Most common smoothie recipes are loaded with sugar, leading to a quick spike in blood sugar leaving you feeling drained and craving more. Learn to make healthy, low sugar smoothies with the fresh, vitamin-packed greens of spring. Sample flavor combinations, and take away recipes to make at home. This workshop also offers an introduction to using “superfoods” to compliment your diet.


Presented by Lori A. Steere, CIHC

Certified Integrative Health Coach

(603) 986-4156

“The Founding Fathers: What were they thinking?” April 12

Please join us on Wednesday, April 12 from 7-9 pm, for the NH Humanities Program entitled “The Founding Fathers: What were they thinking?” Professor Emeritus at UNH School of Law Richard Hesse has been an advocate for civil and human rights for more than 50 years. He explores the cast of characters called “founders,” their problems and solutions that they fashioned.

Expert to Speak on Potential Changes to our Current Health Care System Tuesday, April 4 @ 7PM

At 7:00PM on Tuesday, April 4, at the Hill Library  Patrick Carroll will share his knowledge of the Affordable Care Act of 2009, and what might become its replacement, the American Health Care Act of 2017.  Features of both government programs will be reviewed in depth to aid in your understanding of what’s ahead.  Your participation in the discussion is encouraged.  This is a non-partisan, free, and public event sponsored by the Town of Strafford Democratic Committee.

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