The following policies guide all engagement with and by the Library. If you would like to recommend changes to a published policy, please contact the Library Director and they will be submitted to the Trustees and staff for consideration.

General Policies

  • Library materials may be loaned to registered patrons for a two-week period and may be renewed in person, on line through the OPAC, or by telephone twice, except new fiction, magazines, kindles and reserved items.
  • Videos, DVDs, and certain reference materials will be loaned for one week with no renewals.
  • Overdue materials will be subject to fines at a rate of five cents per day for books and magazines and twenty five cents per day for media materials.
  • Materials in great demand may be recalled by the Librarian. Such materials shall be returned by a designated time, or the patron will be fined.
  • Library materials cannot be taken from the Library except during regular Library hours (for example, not during off hours during meetings, etc).
  • Patrons will be called if materials are overdue. After the first week a patron has overdue materials they will be called. After the second week items are overdue, the patron will be called and receive a letter by mail along with a copy of RSA 202 A 25: Libraries which details what happens when items are not returned on time. After the third week, the patron will be mailed a registered letter with an additional copy of the RSA 202 A 25: Libraries and charged an administrative fee of $20. After the required time given by the RSA of 15 days, items overdue will be marked as lost, the patron will be charged with replacement costs, a second registered letter will be sent with an invoice of all fines and fees, and patron will be blocked from circulation or banned from future use of the library. If items are still not returned after the second registered letter, the library will ask for assistance from law enforcement for retrieving the lost items.
  • Patrons will be charged replacement costs for any material that is lost or damaged.
  • All overdue or damaged materials must be returned or paid for before additional materials can be loaned to the patron.

Appropriate Library Behavior

In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all customers, the following policies have been adopted:

  • Handle Library materials carefully.
  • Observe normal rules of courteous behavior.
  • Speak quietly, keep noise levels low.

Children in the Library

  • The responsibility for the safety and behavior of children in the Library rests with the parent or caregiver, not with Library personnel.
  • Library staff and volunteers do not provide care or supervision of children, except to the extent needed to uphold library rules of conduct and use, and do not accept responsibility for such care.
  • Caregivers must be at least 14 years old and are responsible for younger children in their care.
  • Children must stay within sight of the accompanying adult/caregiver at all times.
  • Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children’s use of the Internet. Anyone under 18 years of age will be required to have a parent or guardian’s signature on the Internet User Registration Form on file.
  • Children, like all other library patrons, are expected to help maintain a safe and pleasant library environment.
  • Library staff are not responsible for children outside the building who are waiting for transportation or socializing.
  • Children must be picked up promptly when the library closes. Staff will call for police assistance for any child left beyond closing time.
  • The Library reserves the right to withhold privileges from any patron, regardless of age, who habitually disregards policies.

NH Statewide Library System Library User Records & Confidentiality

Chapter 201-D:11

I. Library records which contain the names or other personal identifying information regarding the users of public or other than public libraries shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except as provided in paragraph II. Such records include, but are not limited to, library, information systems and archival records related to the circulation and use of library materials or services, including records of materials that have been viewed or stored in electronic form.

II. Records described in paragraph I may be disclosed to the extent necessary for the proper operation of such libraries and shall be disclosed upon request by or consent of the user or pursuant to subpoena, court order, or where otherwise required by the Patriot Act or other statute.

III. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any library from releasing statistical information and other data regarding the circulation or use of library materials provided, however, that the identity of the users of such library materials shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed to the general public except as provided in paragraph II.

Source. 1989, 184:3, eff. July 21, 1989. 2009, 273:1, eff. July 29, 2009.